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/ met DAY OF MOURNING while on 
tour out east, they helped our band 
get on a show in Sherbrooke. When 
we got back to Toronto, I started 
seeing Dom at a ton of shows. He 
would get me copies of their new 
releases. They cranked out new stuff 
every month. I was blown away by the 
"Your Future's End" release, which 
was the first thing he gave me. I am 
not a fan of tough guy music, but 
these guys are too fun to be tough 
guy clones. They've got a real good 
sense of humor in that navel-gazing 
power violence sort of way. They pay 
attention to detail and really give a 
shit about having fun. Interview by 
Stephe Perry. 

MRR: Who is in the band right now, 
and what instruments do you play? 

Dom: Right now, Day of Mourning is 
Fawad (a.k.a. Fudd, on vocals), Jason 
(drums), A.T.N, (guitar), Jon (bass), and 
myself, Domenic (guitar). 

we didn't.. we took some time off and 

when our drummer mastered the art of 

playing with 9 fingers, we became Day of 


Fudd: I met Dom and Jay through my 

Imagine a cross between Integrity and 

Napalm Death, mixed with some 

Bolt Thrower, Hatebreed, and Dismember. 

MRR: How long have you been 

Dom: In one form or another, this band 
dates back to the fall of 1 994. But we've 
been going on as Day of Mourning since 
the summer of 1998 
MRR: How did you all meet? How did 
the band form? 

Dom: Jason and I have been playing in 
bands together since the 6th grade. We 
were just a couple of kids playing bad 
metal and Ramones covers mixed with 
prank phone calls. I still have those 
tapes somewhere. We'd call up this kid 
and record the conversation, then we'd 
call each other and record a bogus 
conversation consisting of terrible 
questions and accusations. Then, we'd 
splice the two tapes together and play it 
back to his family's answering machine. 
Those were crazy days, but whoa... I'm 
going way off topic. We met Fudd at a 
Creed show (not the huge mainstream 
band out now, it was our band at the 
time) because I was friends with his 
brother. We just started goofing off 
playing Suicidal covers and old 
Sepultura songs. By then we decided 
that our singer was a geek so we got 
Fudd in the band and became Dirge. A 
few more years of bad (but sincere) 
metai followed and then we started 
getting better and better. We started 
getting on really good shows, and before 
you knew it, there were a lot of kids into 
what we were doing. But then, we rolled 
our van a few times on tour, and our 
drummer lost a finger in the process. 
Technically we should have all died, but 

younger brother. They used to be in 
another band, so my brother, myself and 
two other friends went to see them play. 
After that, we seemed to bump into each 
other on occasion, and Dom asked me if 
I would be interested in starting some- 
thing with him. The timing of his thoughts 
was impeccable because not long after 
we had talked, Dom and Jay's band had 
called it quits and we started jamming. 
Dom: It's a good thing too. Me and Fudd 
were in this band called Drop kick... That 
was just plain silly. 
MRR: In the last little while, D.o.M. 
has been plagued by line-up 
changes and members moving 
out of town. What has hap- 
pened with your line-up? 
How has that affected the 

Dom: Ever since 
we first got 
together in 
being a 
pieces. To be 

specific, we've had a lot of bass 
player changes and a couple of guitar 
.changes over the years. Fudd, Jay and I 
have been the only consistent members 
while others have come and gone. 
Drugs, girls, rock star aspirations, sXe 

frustration, family illnesses, right down to 
being the worst bassist of all time. We've 
had a smorgasbord of members come 
and go for various reasons. Over the 
past little while, we've had friends fill in 
for us so that we could play shows, but 
that could only have gone so far. We 
decided to stop for a while, and look for a 
permanent bassist. We found him, his 
name is Jon, and we're back on the map. 
Our drummer moved to Montreal which 
is six hours away, 
been a 
pain in 
the ass, 
but he has 
proven that 
he wants to 

tunately, as 
far as 
shows at the 
last minute 
goes, it's 
just not 

anymore, which sucks hella, because I 
really miss that. 

Fudd: Aside from being without a bassist 
for a long time, the D.o.M. line-up has 
been solid. We're just putting things on 
hold until Jay finishes school in Montreal. 
Dom: Yeah, Fudd's 
right, our other guitar 
player A.T.N, has . 
stuck it through some 
tough times, there- 
fore I must acknowl- 
edge him in this 
interview even 
though he can't read. 
MRR: Were you in 
any previous 

Dom: Too many bands. Growing up, Jay 
and I had a different band every couple 
of weeks.. .too many. The last few (Souls 
of Doubt, Creed, and Dirge) were 
probably the most notable. A.T.N, used to 
be in a rap-metal band where the singer 
wore these stupid flight-goggles. That 
was pretty classic. Jon has been in a few 
bands.. .hmm... Ignorance Never 
Settles... In Harms Way.. .Fine Motor 

Control and well Fudd, well let's just say 
we broke his band virginity, baby. You 
read it here first. 

Fudd: When me, Dom and Jay started 
playing music, we were in a band called 
Dirge. This band was pretty much metal 
with a slight hardcore influence. We then 
dissolved Dirge, and Day of Mourning 
was formed. The members who made up 
Dirge at the time made up the first line- 
up of D.o.M. 

MRR: Where did the name Day of 
Mourning come from? Does it have 
any meaning or significance? 
Fudd: Dom made up. the name. 

Dom: The idea for a new name came to 
me at one of those moments where I 
was totally frustrated with life. It happens 
to me all the time. I begin to think about 
humanity's downfall, how it's all falling 
apart and how nobody cares.. .and well, 

We rolled our van a few times on tour, 

and our drummer lost a finger in the process. 

rechincally, we should have died, but we didn't. 

We took some time off and when our drummer 

mastered the art playing with nine fingers, 

we became Day of Mourning. 

it's that which makes every day a day of 
mourning. Every day. is a day of mourn- 
ing. You wake up with bright hopes for a 
new day, and you come home rained on. 
Now it may seem negative, but really it's 
not. It's actually so much more. We're 
about using the day of mourning to make 
a positive change. It's the classic 
hardcore concept of channeling negative 
energy into a positive use. Learning from 

what goes wrong, and bettering yourself 
from it. That's what we're about. Lying 
around in an emotional gutter is nothing 
more than a waste of time. Alright, posi- 
time is over, next question. 
MRR: Are any of you involved in any 
extra-curricular punk activities (zines, 
websites, bands etc)? Tell me about 

Dom: XCoalition Against ShaneX is a 
band that me and a friend started for the 
sole purposes of being idiots and 
making fun of people. All of us in D.o.M. 
and XCASX have been friends for a long 
time, and are complete jokers and fools. 



fun of this 

for being 

skid and 
all of a 
sudden it 
blew up. I 
thought it 
would go 
but a lot 
of kids 
are into 
this band. 
I think my 
thing about XCASX is the fact that like 
95% of the lyrical content, no matter how 
shocking.. .is completely true. Yes, we did 
make a kid eat a raw onion for a demo, 
yes, there was a kid named Tobe that 
drank a bottle of pee to amuse us, and 
ye.s we did get drunk 
metalheads to harass 
Corpsegrinder at a Cannibal 
Corpse show. We're dorks, 
but it's harmless fun, until 
someone gets stabbed with 
a pitchfork, which actually 
happened at a XCASX 
show, but that's a story in 
itself. We've collaborated 
with such heroes (well, to us 
anyway) as Dan Lilker of 
Brutal Truth, Chris Dodge of Spazz, and 
the mighty rock warrior THOR. We did a 
couple of demos that went out of print 
and were pressed onto the "Down with 
the King" CD on XProphecy RecordsX 
which is also out of print. Right now, we 
have" a split CD with THOR called 
"Keepin" the Dogs Away" which is doing 
really good. We wanna revive THOR, so 
we can tour with him and PILEDRIVER. I 

also do a record label called 1 3th Day 
Recordings which is basically a project i 
have to release stuff by my bands, or 
friends' bands. I'm doing the A DEATH 
FOR EVERY SIN CD next, it's gonna be 
sickening. Real hard stuff... .look for it 

MRR: What topics do you sing about? 
Fudd: Day Of Mourning's lyrics deal with 
rape, abuse, guilt, shame... Even though 
topically these subjects don't seem out 
of the ordinary, they are things we feel 
need to be continually dealt with. 
MRR: What are some of the titles of 
your songs? 

Fudd: Some of my favorite titles are: 
"Enemy Of Angels," "Parable for a 
Holocaust," and "Demons Who Wear the 
Same Face." 
Dom: My 
favorites are 
"Reborn as 
the Enemy" 
and 'Tales 
from the 
Hard Side." 
MRR: What 

is your favorite song from a lyrical 
standpoint and why? 
Fudd: My favorite song from a lyrical 
standpoint is "Enemy of Angels," and I 
have two reasons for this. First, every- 
thing I wanted to say about the issue of 
rape, and how I view rapists, I felt I said. 
The points made in this song were clear 
without being preachy. Secondly, I felt I 
expressed a perspective on the issue 
that is often overlooked, and that is a 
rapist or someone who has committed 
this sort of atrocity doesn't always fit 
some sort of predisposed psychological 
profile. Statistically speaking, most of the 
males that commit rape do not have a 
history of sexually violent behavior. 
MRR: Describe your sound for those 

who have never heard you before. 

Fudd: In a nutshell, we're basically grind/ 
death metal crossed with hardcore, and 
we've got lots of hooks and dance parts. 
Dom: Hmm... If you were to really dig into 
it, imagine a cross between Integrity and 
Napalm Death mixed with some Bolt 
Thrower, Hatebreed and Dismember. 
Add in a touch of Neurosis and Bloodlet 
for flavor, and serve to hardcore kids and 
hair farmers alike. 

MRR: What bands do you listen to? 
Who are your inspirations? 
Dom: As of late I've been listening to 
Godbelow, the Swarm, Ringworm, 
Integrity (always), Legion, Tom Jones, 
and Danzig. Musically, I'm inspired by 
everything around me musical, or not. I 

It-s the classic hardcore concept of channeling 
negative energy into positive use, learning from 
what goes wrong, and bettering yourself from it. 

do blame AC/DC for infecting me with 

the rock demon when I was a kid and it 

was seeing Madball play that made me 

want to play hardcore. 

Fudd: I listen to a lot of different kinds of 

music aside from hardcore, punk or 

metal. Some of my favorite bands/ 

inspirations are Napalm Death, Suicidal 

Tendencies, Bad Brains, Minor Threat, 

Black Flag, Dead Kennedys, GBH, 

Earthmover, Cold as Life, and Skinny 


Dom: My favorite record of all time is 

"Freddy Krueger's Greatest Hits." I can 

listen to "All I Have To Do Is Dream" over 

and over. I'm serious. 

MRR: What releases do you have? 

Dom: We did a full length CD on Up- 

heaval Records in 1 998 called "Reborn 
as the Enemy," we did 2 split CDs, one 
with Red Sky, and the other with 
Clenched Fist, both on 13th Day 
Recordings. We did a split 7" with 
Hardtime as well as a CD called "Your 
Future's End" on Sounds of Revolution 
Records, and we've been on a bazillion 
comps on United Edge, Endless Fight, 
and Back ta Basics to name a few. To 
see the whole list, go to our website, it's 
pretty hectic once all the compilations 
and the demos get involved. 
MRR: Do you have any recording 
plans in the future? What are they and 
with whom? 

Dom: We're recording for a split 7" with 
Coalition Against Shane pretty soon, and 
then we're 
doing a full 
length the first 
week of July for 
That should be 
out around 
Look for it, it's going to be called 
"Onwards to Tragedy and Contempt." It's 
gonna be classic. 

MRR: What are the band's plans? 
Dom: Right now, we're just writing 
feverishly and rehearsing a lot so that we 
sound good on the new album. Our 
songs have become a bit more techni- 
cally demanding, and we wanna sound 
really good and be able to pull it off live 
as well. We do the record at the begin- 
ning of July, and we're planning to start 
touring at the end of July. It's gonna be a 
busy time, hanging out with all our 
friends from all over and having a lot of 
fun. I can't wait. 

MRR: Day of Mourning have been a 
band plagued with controversy based 

on rumors and circumstance. What 
are these rumors and how have they 
affected the band? 

Dom:The common thread is that idiots 
with a lot of free time on their hands do 
indeed exist in our scene, just as they 
exist outside. Some of my favorites are: 
Rumor #1 : D.o.M. are a Christian band. 
Because we thank God in our records, 
some idiot kid made a stink and tried to 
boycott us via some Internet campaign. 
Threats of violence at our show were 
made, none were backed up of course, 
they didn't even show up. I got on-line 
and defended our stance as having 
Christian, Muslim, and atheist members 
in the band, and how we don't preach 
our religious beliefs through D.o.M. and 
the problem disappeared. It returned and 
spread once we left the 
Midwest, of course. Typical. 
Rumor #2: D.O.M. are a neo- 
nazi band, as a result of doing 
a split 7" with a band that 
thanks OLC in their credits, 
and because we are are 
friends with some controversial 
people in the hardcore scene. 
This is something we get ostra- 
cized for often. We openly do not 
agree with ignorant views, but we 
still get lumped in as being ignorant 
for being friends with people who do. 
We're smart enough to 
think for ourselves and 
know what's right or 
wrong. I'm not going to 
stop being friends with 
someone because 
they say a lot of stupid 
things to intentionally 
make people mad. I'm 
smart enough to see 
it, and I'd expect the 
same from anyone 
who opens their 
mouth and makes up 
rumors about us 
behind our backs. 
We've been con- 
fronted in person 
once or twice about 
this, and when given 
a chance to speak 
our piece, the rumor gets squashed. Add 
in the fact that D.o.M. is comprised of 
both white- and brown-skinned mem- 
bers, D.o.M. is from a predominately 
brown-skinned neighborhood, and that 
weVe been playing benefits for ARA 
since like 1 996, 1 think it's pretty obvious 
that the rumor is just something kids use 
for the sake of talking and looking like 
they have something to say. 
Rumor #3: D.O.M. are a tough-guy band. 
Another classic rumor stemmed from the 
Midwest because some drunk ran over 
some of our gear (wrecking it, thus 
making it impossible to use for the rest of 
the tour) and our roadie threatened to 
beat him up if he didn't pay up for the 

damage. We are totally against drunk 
driving, that could have been a kid 
instead of some drum stands and a 
guitar. We made sure that guy knew that 
he'd have to pay the price, and he did. 
Now the best part comes from the kid 
that had booked that show who had also 
booked another show for us later on in 
the tour. He didn't pay us in full, and 
promised to pay the balance of what he 
owed us at the next show. We took him 
up on that in good faith and when we 
returned for the show a week later, the 
show was canceled and the kid was 
nowhere to be found. We get home from 
tour, and these rumors are still abound- 
ing. I guess it's true that we are judged 
by the company that we keep. We've got 
a lot of big, crazy friends that seem to 

find trouble, and we get lumped in. Other 
instances have all been based around us 
getting screwed over somehow and us 
standing up for ourselves. Nothing more. 
There has never, ever been an incident 
where we have bullied anyone to gain 
anything. Ask anyone that knows us. 
We're not that kind of people. 
Rumor #4: D.O.M. are a militant sXe 
band. This rumor started from kids that 
see us at bigger shows, and are in the 
dark as to what we are about. These kids 
like to drink and get stupid which is fine, 
they see Fudd with his sXe gloves, he 
makes comments about his beliefs and 
they get upset and talk about how they 
like us, but hate sXe. Then this gets 
fueled by rumors of us being really 
militant, which I must admit, we kinda 
fuel sometimes just to be idiots. And it 
gets to the point where some kids will 
avoid supporting, us because we're sXe 
which isn't even true. Only 2/5 members 

of D.o.M. (me and Fudd) are sXe. 
Rumor #5: D.o.M. aren't a real Toronto 
Hardcore band. This rumor stemmed 
from our early days when some of us 
used to play in a band called Dirge. We 
were new kids from a different suburb 
that no one was from and knew nothing 
about. We liked bad metal, and played 
bad metal, but were hella sincere about 
it. We put out our own records, toured 
tons on our own and still didn't get the 
respect at home. We did awesome 
everywhere else, and as we progressed 
into Day of Mourning, we got pretty big 
outside of Toronto, and kids began to 
catch on. Some kids insist that we don't 
deserve what we have (which isn't really 
that much anyway!) and continue to try 
and sour our reputation by mixing up the 
basic ingredients of the above rumors, 
and adding their own flavor. But over 
the years, we've come to be accepted 
in Toronto. A lot of the kids with mouths 
have fallen off, and we're still here, 
doing the same thing, being the same 
thing: sincere hardcore kids playing 
metal, helping out bands from their 
scene, and keeping it Dl Y for the past 6 
. years. End of story. 
MRR: How can people get in touch 
with you? 

Dom: They can write: 7205 Goreway 
Dr/PO Box 59065/Malton, Ontario/ 
Canada, L4T-4J1.They can call (416) 
685-0928. They can 

or they can check 
out our website at 
MRR: Any last 
words or final 
Fudd: Toronto is a 
potential hotbed for 
some serious 
musical activities. 
Toronto, and 
Ontario by and 
large, are home to 
some fantastic 
bands. More kids 
should realize that 
if any one of these 
bands were in fact suddenly signed, the 
music would still be great. It's time to 
disregard all the useless tags of popular- 
ity and clique and support bands simply 
because they make amazing music. 
Dom: Fudd's right, lots of good bands. 
Check out Facedown, Countdown to 
Oblivion, No Warning, Legion, 
H.O.I.B.A.K., A Death for Every Sin, The 
End, Confine. I can go on forever. A good 
place to start if you are a computer nerd 
is: / . That's it, thanks for 
the interview Stephe, and look for the 
new album "Onwards to Tragedy and 
Contempt" this Rocktober. It'll be the one 
with Steve Reniewick on the album